Investors & Raising Capital

Having established several channels to raise capital from investors, AHS capital group is aggressively pursuing assets that meets it’s investment criteria. Our criteria will change as we continue our acquisition plan. We strongly believe in the niche we have carved out for ourselves and we show faith in that plan by investing our own cash into each property we acquire. We are currently seeking 25-50 unit properties in the $1.25-$2mm range.

We have access to real estate investors in Washington DC,  New York and Boston. Each investor seeks to invest in different type of assets, whether large or small.

2017 and 2018 Outlook

Q3 2017: One 25-50 Unit Class B to C- property
Q4 2017: Two 25-50 Unit Class B to C- properties

We look to put roughly $1.5mm in equity to work for 2017 in order to build a roughly $5mm portfolio. We invest our capital into each deal and then make room for investors who seem above average returns on their capital

For the first half of 2018, we seek to acquire 4-5 properties in the 25-50 unit range. The current plan for the second of 2018 is to pursue two 50-100 unit properties.