We are boutique multifamily real estate investment firm, AHS Capital group focuses on acquiring properties with potential to add value through strategic re-positioning of operations and capital improvements. We are currently targeting  Columbus and Cleveland to acquire B and C class  multifamily properties and generate stable cash flow for our investors.
AHS Capital group follows a fiduciary approach to acquiring and managing multifamily real estate properties, with a process grounded in sound investment principles and the extensive experience of the firm’s professionals, all of whom are skilled in broad market research and investment sourcing, execution, and harvest.

As real estate investors and investment sponsors, we have been long been aware for a need for a profitable investment that is safe, predictable and based on hard asset. Our focus areas on every deal we make

  1. Principal Preservation : The security of your original investment is our primary focus. Rule of investment “#Loose no money”
  2. Stable Cash Returns : Our investments are structured to generate steady, quarterly income
  3. Increase cash flow : Our goals to focus on operating performance and reduce expenses every month. Results will be reflected in monthly net operating income (NOI).
  4. Opportunity to accelerate: Our investors and partners benefits from equity harvesting over time to create accelerated jump in yield. Through the use of strategic refinancing and tax deferred exchange upon sale, our investors increase income at higher than normal rates. This is possible because equity grow invariably grows faster than income. Excess equity can be harvested and redeployed into more projects without additional cash from investors. The result: multiple assets increasing in value and providing yields from initial investments.
  5. Equity Growth. By growing rent, improving the property and pay down principal your equity can increase steadily over time
  6. Multiple Tax advantages. As owners of real estate multifamily assets, investors and partners can get access to various IRS sanction tax reducing and deferral opportunities