People behind AHS Capital Group!
Sushil Tiwari
Sushil is seasoned IT analyst and architect with 17 years experience in IT industry to build and delivers Financial and Real estate information and intelligence companies . In 6 years of stint with Corelogic llc (a company provide information intelligence to real estate communities including commercial, residential and government sectors) able to provide multiple investors and entrepreneurs tools to manage real estate risk and delivers highers returns. Sushil founded AHS capital group to manage and delivers multifamily portfolio with group of other seasoned real estate investors, professionals.
Ari Goldschneider
Beginning his journey at age 23 Ari purchased his first rental property in Boston. Capitalizing on rising real estate prices, in 2014 he leveraged equity created to acquire another in neighboring Somerville (north of Boston). Utilizing this same strategy he was able to purchase another building in Somerville (2015) and a larger one also in Somerville (2016). Aside from the initial investment in 2007, no additional cash has been required to finance subsequent real estate acquisitions. Efficiently and effectively utilizing bank debt enabled the initial investment to grow into a real estate portfolio worth over $7 million with the keys to success being buying at the right time/price and renovating in a manner that generates a clear return on investment